Sustainible, responsible, eco tourism holiday cottage

Eco-tourism at our Holiday Rental Accommodation

At Les Hiboux holiday rentals, where possible we have attempted to take ‘green’ options in the conversion of the old farm buildings and running of the business to make local tourism as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, thus promoting eco-tourism.

Recycling & Insulation of the Farmhouse and Holiday Cottages, Poitou Charentes, France

When converting the old farm buildings we retained as many original features as possible and have installed insulation in the roof spaces to reduce the long term environmental impact thus making our gites as sustainable as possible. L’Hibou farmhouse and both La GrangeLa Vieille Maison holiday cottages also have eco-friendly wood burners installed.

All of our holiday rental accommodation properties recycle the waste water and sewerage via fosse septics. Thus following bio digestion and filtration, is returned directly to the land resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. Water saving devices such as eco-shower heads are installed and WC cisterns adjusted to minimum levels help reduce water wastage.

Sustainable tourism is actively encouraged at Les Hiboux and thus each of our gites have ‘boxes’ supplied for the collection of recyclable materials such as plastics, paper, cartons, metal and glass waste. Within the commune of Crézières and also at all local supermarkets, there are communal recycling bins in which to deposit these items.

To augment our ecological aims and make travel more sustainable, we have installed mini organic waste bins to encourage our guests to collect their compostable materials. These can then be added to our compost heaps and the resulting compost used to supplement the excellent local growing conditions.

Offsetting Carbon and Responsible Travel to our Holiday Cottages, France

To reduce the need for ‘watering’ in the Les Hiboux grounds, we mulch as much ‘carboniferous waste’ organic material as possible and place it around the base of our trees. We have also covered all our flowerbeds in this mulch to aid water retention in the hot summer months.

To help offset some of our carbon footprint we have undertaken the planting of many trees both in the orchard area, around the gardens and in the surrounding hedges. Additionally, where possible, garden features such as the pergolas, rose arbor and garden banisters, are constructed using recycled timber or wood taken from branches within the grounds of Les Hiboux.

To aid responsible tourism we have, where possible, used energy efficient light bulbs to reduce our energy impact on the planet and have installed photovoltaic solar panels on the roof.

Sustainability and ‘Localism’ at Les Hiboux Holiday Gite, Poitou Charentes, France

‘Localism’ and thriftiness have recently become buzz words and very trendy but it is virtually a tradition in France and thus local sustainability and sharing are commonplace locally. The local food miles are also reduced, as we are surrounded by market towns with local producers and artisans regularly displaying their merchandise. Traditional local markets are full of butchers, grocers, cheese producers, fishmongers, vintners, bakers, ironmongers, horticulturalists and apiarists. The majority of this produce comes from local farms and back gardens, thus reducing transportation and therefore ‘localism’ is part of the French culture.

Nantes – European Green Capital 2013

France has always been a practical country and eco-advances can be seen throughout the Poitou Charentes region. This advance leads to 2013  being an eco-friendly year for Nantes, less than a 2 hour drive from Les Hiboux gites, as the city has taken over as the European Green Capital. The annual award recognises their commitment to environmental best practices including the local contribution to sustainable transport and land use, green urban areas, water consumption and the fight against global climate change. Nantes Métropole is delighted with the award which recognises their efforts over the last twenty years in these areas and they promise to experiment with new approaches to sustainability going forward.

Therefore, we hope that all we are doing at Les Hiboux holiday gites, will ensure that our tourism, as far as possible, is sustainable tourism.

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